Harrison Swift (Founder) deployed to Afghanistan while serving in the United States Marine Corp as an Infantryman. Michael Greer was deployed to Iraq while serving in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantryman. 

Our Mission

To be the home and support system for Veterans and their families. 

We believe that Veterans and their families have been under enough stress in their life and finding the services and resources they need should not be one of them.

To do this effectively, we will be the premier central hub for Veterans and their families to have revived and easy accessibility to the services and resources they deserve. 

We then will provide navigation tools and one on one assistance to our Veterans and their families through the vast resources and services available. These resources will be within the NCVRC, and we will also be in constant collaboration with other Veteran Organizations throughout the area.

What Makes Us Unique?

When ending our time in the Marine Corps, we both had many issues with our return home to the Civilian world. Harrison (Founder/CEO) would not be here today if it were not for the support he received from his Wife and family. We have both lost many Brothers and Sisters to suicide or some preventable death and understand how it can impact our lives. We will help our Veterans. Many of these individuals that have died were due to suicide, or a preventable death and they did not have the proper support they deserved.

Not only as Combat Veterans can we relate and understand our fellow Veterans. The bond we all share and feel allow us to understand what is needed for each individual Veteran and for Veterans and their families to be successful when leaving the Military. 

We know it's easier to talk to one another so at anytime you are welcome to contact us to talk.

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